Double entry: I HATE TIME WARNER CABLE/Meeting Haiku (MySpace blog from 12.11.07)

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Current mood: angry

Yeah, I went All Caps on their asses.

Here’s the message I just sent their “Customer Service” people:

I am HIGHLY upset at the “service” I received today. Our cable TV AND Internet service were both disrupted today (your automated system says there is no record of any problem). We called to arrange for a service visit, but I am at work and missed the 10:38 AM call from the technician, who did not leave a message. They later attempted to call at 3:29 PM, but I missed the call because I was in another meeting. Again, no message was left.

Knowing that I probably missed a call, I called in at 4:17 PM and spoke with a representative. The rep told me that the work order was STILL OPEN, and that we would receive a call soon–she even told me that the technician was finishing up a visit and would be going to us next. At that time, I also gave her my wife’s phone number as a backup, in case I was unable to answer my phone. When I called in again at 6:00 p.m., another representative told me that the work order was canceled at 4:44 PM.

WHY would the order be canceled a half-hour AFTER I spoke with a rep who told me to expect a call and that the work order was still open? Now we will have an entire day and night without cable or Internet service, thanks to the incompetence and laziness of your representatives and technicians. Please know that we are VERY upset with this shoddy service and will be exploring other options immediately.

MORAL OF THE STORY: If you have options other than Time Warner, USE THEM.




Meeting haiku
Current mood: quixotic

Found a bunch of haiku (or haikus?) I wrote in a meeting about a year and a half ago.

I drink bad coffee
I stare into the distance
When will meeting end?

People droning on
Their monotone causes pain
Headache coming on

All of these voices
Justify their existence
With meaningless talk

Would they even know
If we all got up and left
Con’frence call from Hell

All these empty suits
Giving us their crap “input”
Better left unsaid

They think we can’t read
Why else would they read the brief
Word for word all day?


  1. Well…..This is why everyone hates Time Warner. I posted an ad on Craigslist and a Time Warner employee responded. These are his words send from his TW email account..” guys like you fuck it up for the rest of us who actually PAY for our cable…don’t be an ass…do it right and pay your fee every month like the rest of us do!!!” Then he goes on to say “Ohhh well cant say I didn’t try to warn you…lol once a felon always a felon I guess…bet you’re a welfare cheater too hmmmmm food stamps fpr cash and all that??? Or do you just whore yourself out on the street corner for nasty old guys who want dick???? If you actually have one that is….” All this from his work email mail account. After I cut and pasted every name from the Executive Management Team and informed in that I was going to forward every email to each and every person on that list, this is what I got “Actually I know when im beat..what can I win”. And when I CC him in on a few emails that I had forwarded I got this “Ok I have apologized what more do you want I will be lucky to make it through the day…” and “Again I apologize you have won…I am gone thanks” Then I replied “maybe I should forward these emails too? Look, next time you decide to mess with someone you don’t know maybe you will think about it! I only started CC you in on half of the emails that I forward to every Time Warner Executive Management person. THINK DUDE!!!!! Your work email!!!! and I’m the dumb ass? who’s the ass now? Have a great day! or not!” and got this in response “I do are right” All this on company time. maybe this is why Time Warner Customer Service is so bad! They are all on Craigslist answering ad’s on company time.

    And This is why I hate Time Warner!!!!!

    After I forward this to every Executive Manager do you think I got a response. Not a one!!!!!! They don’t care!


  2. I don’t blame you for being upset about that. Thankfully, when I had my services installed with DISH Network the tech was right on time and called when he was on the way. If it was any other company, I’d be surprised but I’ve had nothing but great experiences with DISH. As a DISH employee I know that they pride themselves on providing quality customer service; they’re the only company I trust.


    1. Monica — I do have to take your comment with a grain of salt or two, since you work for a TW competitor. 😉

      It’s great that with the popularity of Facebook, Twitter and blogs that we can take our issues public if a company is unresponsive or does something wrong/evil.


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