Good times (MySpace blog from 3.4.07)

Sunday, March 04, 2007

Good times
Current mood: satisfied

[Beware: Endorsements within this blog.]

Shannon’s birthday celebration (3 days early) was great.  Saturday night included two really good things:

1) Chamberlain’s Fish Market Grill = An excellent dinner from start to finish.  Our server, Bob, was on point.  He knew the menu inside and out, and even asked if we were celebrating anything.  When told it was Shannon’s birthday, he told us to save room for dessert.

We did the wine thing, got a basic bottle of white zinfandel from California.  Bob presented the cork, which I sniffed pretentiously (and falsely), then gave me a sample which I swirled and sipped.  Giving him a (fake) knowing nod, he poured our glasses with a flourish.

Shannon got the house salad, which Bob recommended we share.  It was really tasty, thanks in part to a cool lemon vinaigrette dressing.

I got a fancy-pants salmon entree with a rice pilaf that had all kinds of fun veggies in it.  Shannon got the Pacific ahi tuna with spinach and another thing which I can’t recall.  Everything was really good.

Bob brought us a special dulce de leche dessert with a candle in it.  Sadly, Shannon couldn’t have much because of her dairy allergy.  So I did my part (like the trooper I am) and finished most of the amazingly sweet confection.

All in all, a highly recommended place.  (Ask for Bob.)

2) Saw “Twelve Angry Men” performed live at the Majestic Theater in downtown Dallas.  The main attractions were Richard “John Boy” Thomas and George “Norm” Wendt.  Both Shannon and I knew the story–I had seen the Henry Fonda movie in high school, and she had read the play.

The Majestic = a beautiful theater, although the overly soft seats were really uncomfortable.  Not to mention the 350-lb. guy next to me.

The play = Really well-done. Thomas was really excellent in the Fonda role, and Wendt was solid as the Foreman (not exactly the meatiest role in the play).  I had forgotten how good the writing was, and the dialogue crackled with humor–brought to life by the great cast.

SO, a wonderful night that Shannon is still thanking me for–as if the enjoyable evening wasn’t satisfaction enough.

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