Happy World Crohn’s & Colitis Day! (MySpace blog from 5.23.07)

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Happy World Crohn’s and Colitis Day!
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Seriously, that’s today. Don’t go out and try to get either disease, I think they just want us to educate people about it.

See more at http://www.trueguts.com or the True Guts page on MySpace.

If you don’t know me personally, you don’t know that I have Crohn’s colitis. And not just the “normal” version–my tummy problems didn’t really manifest themselves with big bad horrible stomach symptoms.

No, I developed pyoderma gangrenosum (say that 10x fast), which is basically large deep ulcers–mine appeared on my left leg between the ankle and knee. After a zillion different medications, a couple failed skin grafts (one real, one synthetic) and about 8 years of daily bandaging, I’ve been fully healed for about a year.

You may not know that I go for Remicade infusions every eight weeks, or that I take Imuran (an immunosuppressant) every day, or that I actually shrank a half-inch or so due to bone loss, thanks to long-term Prednisone use. (I know, you’ll all still think of me as a glorious 5’7″.) So I also take a bunch of calcium every day.

I’m not writing this to elicit sympathy or charitable contributions (which can be made to me directly, send e-mail for details). I’m trying to help the guy at TrueGuts.com get this thing going, because every other disease has a day…why not mine?

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