I have been “tagged”… (MySpace blog from 5.11.07)

Friday, May 11, 2007

I have been “tagged”…
Current mood: quixotic

…so I must post 12 strange facts about myself according to this annoying chain letter-esque vicious circle/cycle of e-mail…

12. I’ve never seen Jaws, The Exorcist or Titanic. (Last one, never will.)

11. Although I love doing impersonations, I hate the sound of my own voice.

10. I was once part of a traveling group of singing sixth-graders who went to inner-city schools and put on a show preaching about desegregation and inviting them to take the bus to attend our school.

9. I am not, as most strangers believe, named after the motorcycle. I am named after my great-grandfather Harry and my great-aunt Diana, according to the Jewish custom in which you name your child after the most recently deceased family member.

8. I once played Pat Benatar’s “Call Me” on the piano for the elementary school talent show.

7. My run for the student council presidency in elementary school was highlighted by my “Your grandparents voted for FDR–you should vote for HDR” campaign. (I came in 2nd and served a term as vice-president.)

6. I graduated from both regular high school and Hebrew high school, with a diploma and teacher’s certificate from the latter–so I could be out there warping young Jewish minds every Sunday if I wanted.

5. I have Crohn’s disease, which sometimes escalates with a case of pyoderma gangrenosum. (That doesn’t mean my appendages burst into flame and fall off, by the way.) This is “strange” because there are only 400,000-600,000 cases in the U.S. of Crohn’s, and PG hits 1 in every 100,000.

4. I have been playing fantasy baseball since 1993, and have never finished in 1st place. (OK, that’s not “strange,” I just suck at it.)

3. I have never had a nickname that stuck for longer than a few months.

2. My chin has two bony bumps on it. I always thought they were vampire/werewolf fangs that would eventually bust up through my mouth during a full moon.

1. I have served as President three times in my life:
a) 7th grade, when I was impeached because my homeroom changed their minds
b) junior high school choir, enjoying the non-existent perks and zero responsibilities
c) college Hillel (Jewish student group), because nobody else wanted the position or the leftover gefilte fish from the Passover seder

Fine. There. I did the stupid thing.

I hereby tag, alphabetically:
Amanda = clever copywriter I befriended on MySpace;
Crystal = my buddy Marty’s wife, who will be on break from law school and have time for such silly nonsense;
Jeff = my wife’s friend who just got married, has a two-year-old and a full-time job, so he has plenty of time to waste on this;
Jonathan = my youngest brother, who can always be counted on for ridiculous answers (my brother Shawn needs to maintain a more professional-looking MySpace);
Lauren = awesomely cool co-worker;
Scott H. = ingeniously evil and funny colleague

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