May 2nd will Rawk!

Holy crap, I can’t wait until Iron Man comes out. Just saw the new trailer online, and Jon Favreau looks to have a big ol’ franchise on his hands.

This movie looks so freaking awesome, I have no words. (But I’ll try…for you.)

You gonna see my movie?

The casting is inspired. The story is compelling. The effects look cool as heck. The soundtrack is great.

Oh, did I mention I like ALL comic book movies? Like even the horrifying Captain America from 1992 starring J.D. Salinger’s kid? (Look it up at

When you combine this movie with the sure-to-be-incredible Batman sequel, and the has-to-be-better-than-the-first-one Hulk (Ed Norton EQUALS good movie), it’s gonna be a good year for us geeks.

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