What my spam says about me (MySpace blog from 10.10.07)

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

What my spam says about me
Current mood: Spammy

According to my most current spam e-mails, my friends in the spam industry believe that:

–I still need $1500 to recover from holiday bills (it’s about 10 months late)
–I enjoy indoor remote control helicoptering
–I need to add inches to my, um, self
–I need to meet someone special
–I want to meet Christian singles
–I want to meet 40+ singles
–I want to meet 50+ singles
–I need insurance of all kinds
–I constantly purchase pharmaceuticals online
–I need to reduce my debt by 60 percent (OK, we could all use that)
–I am in dire need of stock tips
–I want to fill out surveys
–I would like to be an Area Rep
–I would like to work from home (well, they kinda got me there)
–I want to sell stuff on eBay
–I want to be a mystery shopper
–I need ringtones
–I want to buy land in Tennessee
–I want to buy land in Costa Rica
–I could use free government grant money (maybe I’ll use it to buy land in Tennessee)
–I have many secret admirers and/or crushes
–I’m interested in “Popular Cas1no FREE HUGE CA$H Bonus $2400 deposit”
–I could use a complimentary Bahamas cruise (finally, one worth opening)

Please, spammers, go away.

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