Rant: Snow in Texas, part 2

This is ridiculous.

They’re calling for up to FIVE INCHES OF SNOW for much of the DFW area.

We moved here to get AWAY from the White Devil, as I like to call it.

And on Shannon’s birthday, no less.

They don’t even use salt down here to help with the roads (something about being unable to store it, because it’s rarely used).  So what do they spread?  SAND.  Which makes for a nice crackling sound as you drive over it, and puts a nice brown sheen across the bottom of your car.  But it doesn’t help much with traction.

Even if it did, the vast majority of bad drivers here–who can barely handle rain or ice–will undoubtedly careen into each other during this evening’s commute and tomorrow morning as well.

Ugh.  This sucks.  At least it’ll be back up to 70 degrees on Sunday.

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