Why writers whine

I sit at my desk at work and write.

Then it goes through copyediting/proofreading, where my errors are pointed out to me cheerfully.  (They do a great job, actually.)

But before they come back to me, my words travel through a creative director (or two) and an account service person (or two).

Finally, my words return–and I have to fix them based on everybody’s input.

Then, the true test.  The client.

This can range from just one contact person’s review to several to dozens of people putting their stamp on my words, which begin to look nothing like what I originally produced.

It is a rare and wondrous thing to see my words get through all of this and still look relatively close to what I started with.

I just wonder if they all know that I wrote it that way for a reason, and my reasoning is usually pretty sound.

It’s probably too late to get good at something else.  Darn.

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