Unpaid Endorsement: Dogpile.com

So many people use Google for online searches, it’s become a verb.

“I’ll go Google that up.”

“You really ought to Google it.”

“Google you, you Googling GoogleGoogler!”

Et cetera.

But for me, my go-to search engine is Dogpile.com.

Why?  Simple.  It utilizes your almighty Google, but it also checks Yahoo, MSN LiveSearch and Ask.com.

To me, that’s Google-Plus.

It has most of the same functionalities – Web search, Image search, News search, Yellow Pages, White Pages, blah blah.

And maybe it appeals to me that it’s kind of an unknown quantity, an underdog, a rebel.

Anyway, next time you’re about to search for something on the InterWebNetTubes, maybe you should consider “Dogpiling” it.  That sounds a bit more fun anyway.

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