Random Ramblin’s on a Friday afternoon

It feels only kind of like a Friday, because Shannon is working tomorrow from like 7 to 12, then will pretty much come home and need to crash.  While overtime is great for extra $$$, it sucks for Quality Time.

I find that there are certain days when I crave a certain type of beverage.  Today was definitely a Dr. Pepper day.  (Even though it has a giant Dallas Cowboys “Eastern Division Champions” graphic, which does turn the stomach.)

I check my “Blog Stats” here every day, and I see that my numbers wildly fluctuate.  Some days, I get 5 visitors.  Others, I have as many as 15.  Apparently, the 38 or so I got on Day Two were mostly turned off/annoyed by my blog.  Oh well, my massive following will grow slower than expected.

We’re off next Friday.  Thank you, my gentile friends.  Of course, you could take Purim off also if you were so inclined.

Shannon’s birthday gift of a DVR is an amazing, incredible thing.  We’ve gotten the “nearing full” message from Davey (I’m calling it Davey R., get it?) several times.  Usually, I just delete the numerous Family Guy episodes we’ve recorded.  I’ll list all our “series recordings” in a future blog.  (I bet you can’t wait.)

Had lunch at Taco Cabana today with an assortment of co-workers to commemorate Sarah’s last day.  (She is/was an account coordinator on one of my major accounts.)  Sad to see her go–she is/was professional beyond her years (an old fart like me can say that) and a really cool person.  I wish her luck in her new gig–she gets to work out of her house, which should be fun.

Of course, on the heels of her departure, I will raid her office for random office supplies and such.  (I have my eye on her lamp, if it’s company property.)  I’d try to pass it off as a souvenir of our time together on the job, but it’s more about me being selfish and wanting another lamp.

It is sunny and very warm today.  Probably my first-ever March day (when I wasn’t on a vacation) where it reached the upper 80s.  When I get off the Tollway, I will enjoy the remaining portion of my drive with the windows down and the sunroof open.

What is the difference between a sunroof and a moonroof?  I will consult Wiki…be right back.

What is the difference between a sunroof and a moonroof? Sunroof is the generic term used to describe an operable panel in a vehicle roof which can let in light and/or air. Moonroof is a term created by Ford in the 70’s, yet is now used generically to describe glass panel inbuilt electric sunroofs.”

The above is from http://www.sunroofs.org, because Wiki didn’t have a clear-cut answer.  So I Dogpiled (in quotes) “difference between a sunroof and a moonroof” and got the answer above.  SEARCH TIP: If you know the exact wording of what you’re looking for, even in Google, put the search phrase in quotes inside the search text box.

This is the kind of useless information I have become famous for in several states.

Funny to think about that–I’ve been a resident of Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Texas.  Three of the most-maligned states around.  There’s the famous James Carville quote about PA: “Pennsylvania is Philadelphia and Pittsburgh, with Alabama in the middle.”  New Jersey is called everything from “the armpit of America” to “America’s toxic waste dump” and has a pretty bad stereotype problem (thanks, Sopranos).  And Texas is pretty much viewed by each coast as a haven for rednecks, cowboys and general Confederate dumbness.  So what does that all say about me?  Hmm.

Advertising copywriting fact: When a client says one of the following phrases, they don’t really mean it:

“I’m not sure I should be trying to play copywriter here.”

“I don’t want to copywrite this, but…”

“I’m no writer, but…”

Trust me.

Enjoy your weekend!

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