New name for this blog–need your votes!

I did a Dogpile search and found that others were using “blogtastic” and “blogalicious.”  So in the spirit of not being a hack in my personal writings, I have re-adopted the name of my beloved (by me) college newspaper sports/opinion column.

So welcome to Harley’s Haven, which…holy crap.

Somebody’s using that as well.  Not as a URL, but as the site name for a Harley Quinn (the Joker’s girlfriend) tribute site.

Goshdarnit to HECK!

OK, need another new name…brainstorm:

–Rubin’s ‘Ritins (or ‘Ritings?)

–Emptying Harley’s Head

–Stuff I Just Thought Of

–60% Chance of Brainstorms

–Where Have You Gone, Steve Jeltz?

–A PhilaTexan’s Blog

–Deep in the Heart of Harley

–Birds Curds Girds Herds Nerds Turds WORDS

The voting lines are now open.  Just click Comment to submit.

Until the votes are counted, I’ll go with the PhilaTexan one.


  1. I don’t care of any of them.

    Each of them has at least one of the following issues:
    1. Too much whitespace
    2. Doesn’t convey what you’re really all about
    3. Does not use a “buzzword”
    4. Does not incorporate a (TM) or (R) or (SM)
    4. There is no reference to me or my blog
    5. The lack of use of l33tspeak
    6. There is no special character
    7. Not enough cowbell and/or exclamation marks

    Please rethink your titles and get back to me.


  2. Comments on your comments:

    1. Whitespace be damned, this isn’t an ad layout.
    2. No one-to-seven-word combination could possibly convey what I’m really all about.
    3. How about “InterWebNetTubery” or eRobustBlog 3.0?”
    4. My new religion forbids registration marks, trademarks or service marks of any kind.
    4b. Your contributions to this blog to date have been scarce.
    5. I don’t know what Ell 33 T Speak is, unless it’s your logon to PornTube.
    6. I AM the special character.
    7. The cowbell is silent.

    So you’re thinking something like:
    “Amelia’s East-Coast-Bred Copywriter Friend Harley’s Funktastic Synergy-Leveraging Robust Blog 3.0 TM”


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