Maybe the old adage is true

I don’t recall the exact wording, and I’m currently too lazy to Dogpile it up, but it’s something like “When the sh*t hits the fan, you find out who your real friends are.”

Now that I’m “involuntarily between jobs,” I’m working my contacts like crazy in search of freelance and/or full-time gigs.  And I’ve noticed two major themes:

–LOTS of agency people are inconsiderate rude jerks.  The kind that won’t even respond to a job inquiry with a quick e-mail or phone call.  Common courtesy, people.  Some day, it could be YOU sitting at home with a Scrubs rerun on in the background while you click “Check Mail” every two minutes.

–SOME people are awesome.  People I barely know (or know only through other people) who send a kind word and a “I’ll keep you in mind” or “I’ll pass on your stuff.”  That’s the kind of person I strive to be, and I’m grateful that others exist.

In a time when the word “friend” has taken on yet another meaning (thanks, Facebook and MySpace), I’m glad to have them in almost any form.


  1. Situations like yours make me feel like a bad friend. I wish I were back in Texas with oodles of leads for you… or had any clients who needed some copywriting…

    I just feel so helpless right now -and it seems unfair that I have a job and you don’t. 😦

    I think it sucks how the last gig you had treated you – and though there may be a wait – I have a feeling your next gig will be well worth it.


  2. C’mon, now, you’ve been a good friend ever since my first day at TB. What was it you said in front of all those people gathered to welcome me…”Oh great, another good-looking one” or something ridiculously flattering like that?

    While I know that my situation is unfair, I don’t resent you or anybody else who has a job. (OK, maybe some senior exec types, but not you.)

    I’ve got some good people working on the situation for me, and I’m doing everything I can to work my network, make it bigger, and get some stuff going.

    You, now and always, rock. So cut it out.


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