Random Ramblin’s on a Sunday night

It reached a balmy 85 degrees here today.  Freakin’ awesome.

I signed up for a free membership at TheLadders.com.  They claim to be a great resource for jobs paying $100,000 and up.  Despite my incredulity, I just might see if we can cough up $30 for a one-month membership to see the potentially decent-looking marketing gigs available.

Hoping some freelance comes my way this week.  I don’t want to be an everyday nuisance to my potential contacts, but I need to stay, as the corporate drones say, “top of mind.”

At least I can use some of this extra time at home usefully.  I’m going to go through my closet and find out what I don’t wear so I can donate it.  I’m going to file a bunch of our financial stuff.  There’s a lot more on the list.

The American-based baseball season kicked off on ESPN tonight.  (The two games played in Japan last week count too.)  Our country’s leader threw out the first pitch at the new Washington Nationals stadium, and was interviewed during the game by the ESPN broadcasters.  Every time I see him smiling and relaxing and having fun, I’m reminded of our troops halfway around the world.  Not sure if I get mad, sad or a combination of both.

I’ve met with two different staffing agencies in the past two weeks, each of whom does work in advertising/marketing.  Hopefully, they’ll be able to dig up some opportunities for me very soon.

I wonder what it says about me psychologically that I love sitcom reruns.  Maybe it’s just the comfort of familiar laughs.

Watched a couple Rock of Love 2 episodes tonight, thanks to our DVR.  It’s just mind-numbingly ridiculous, watching these usually stupid skanks fight over a has-been of wussy metal who is very clearly wearing a wig.

Argh, I’m blanking.  It’s late.  Good night.

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