Fun Fact about Advertising

There are very very few original ideas.

A few years back, I wrote and co-directed a video selling a certain type of countertop material.  The theme (and title) was “One small change. One huge difference.”

Granted, it’s not groundbreaking creative, but the idea that one small change (getting a new cool countertop) could make a huge difference (wow! what a kitchen!)–without spending a fortune–was a pretty effective communication.  (At least I thought so.)

The client liked the video a lot–so much so that they kept having us make more and more duplicates, and eventually purchased the masters and all the rights and everything.

And now Scion is out there, with a “Tweaks” campaign describing how car buyers can express their individuality via Scion because “one small tweak can make a huge difference.”

I’m not saying someone at the creative boutique agency stole my idea.  In fact, I’m willing to bet my Jack Klugman bobblehead that s/he never ever saw or heard my video.  They probably came up with it completely independently.  It happens in this business.

It’s just weird when it happens to you.

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