Unpaid Endorsement: Buffalo Wild Wings Cafe

Shannon and I were driving along Belt Line Road in Addison this past Saturday night, cruising the restaurant-heavy avenue for a not-too-expensive, not-too-dressy but still decent place for dinner.

We went past the busiest section, then did a U-turn when we saw a wings place.  We pulled into the parking lot, but it looked like a super-heavy college/high school crowd.  Us being old fogies, we remembered that we saw a Buffalo Wild Wings Cafe further up and headed a few blocks down.

It wasn’t crowded at all, so we got a nice booth near the humongous big screen (showing the Rangers, getting beat again).

We each got an adult beverage (beer for me, mojito for Shannon), and got 12 BBQ wings, 12 medium wings, and an order of mini-corn dogs that was freakin’ awesome.

Crowd was a mix of families, dudes going out to watch the Mavs or Stars, and more of those young’uns out for a good time.

Service was good and attentive.  Manager checked on us twice.

They had outdoor seating, too–maybe next time.

One Comment

  1. Ok seriously, you, the big sports guy, didn’t know about BW3’s?

    I know they’re kinda new down there but REALLY?

    They do just about ALL the pay per views, and they have NTN poker and video trivia.

    Try one of their wraps – they are super yummy!


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