Freelance fun

So I worked on-site as a freelancer at a downtown Dallas agency.

Came in, they put me right to work–which is understandable, they’re paying me by the hour.

The account supervisor “downloaded” the projects I’d be working on–pretty easy stuff (letters, brochure edits and a DM postcard) for a large HVAC service provider.

The agency is pretty quiet, and since I had pretty much zero distractions (none of my usual office knick-knacks or posters or toys), I really focused in on the work. My undiagnosed AD/HD must be pretty mild compared to most.

Work-wise, it was an interesting change of pace. I got to write a lot less formally than I was at my last job–considering my two major clients near the end there were really corporate and B2B focused.

Anyway, the office was pretty cool and the main people I met were nice.  The rest of the people mostly gave me a quizzical look and moved on, but upon further review I realize that’s how I was with freelancers at my previous agencies with whom I wasn’t working closely.

So basically, it’s a lot like temp work.  It just pays a lot better and you might get to work on some interesting projects.  (And it’s a whole lot more exciting than my “home office” environment.)

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