Ever go to a real E.R.?

I’ve been to several over the past few years, but today was a unique experience.

I woke up this morning at 4AM with, well, let’s just say pretty severe gastrointestinal distress.  Living with Crohn’s disease, I assumed it was either a delayed reaction to Remicade, a flare-up/relapse, or something I ate last night.

Called the Remicade infusion nurse, and she confirmed my theory that four years of side-effect-free infusions made it very unlikely that my problem was related to the medication.

Unfortunately, I didn’t get much better as the day went on.  Shannon came home from work to take care of me, and when I still showed no improvement by early evening, she took me to the E.R. at Presbyterian of Plano.

The E.R. at 5:15 p.m. was empty except for one elderly lady who was already filling out her forms.  I quickly completed my own forms, and was actually called to see the Triage nurse while I was in the men’s room.  (That’s an amazingly quick waiting period, for those of you who have dealt with emergency rooms.)

I was almost immediately met by a male nurse/EMT who put in an I.V.  Soon after that, I was greeted by the ER doc and a nurse who took all my info.  Based on the doc’s diagnosis–a mild flare-up–I was given morphine (woo hoo), something to settle my stomach and some fluids to rehydrate me.

After a while, the cramping and discomfort subsided, and Shannon even noted the color had returned to my face.  The doc came around again and discharged me around 7:45.

Not feeling 100% yet, but definitely a whole lot better.

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