The “R” Word

Just read yet another article about an impending recession.

As someone who’s freelancing because he’s “involuntarily between jobs,” I can tell you that we are smack-dab in the middle of a recession.

My proof is simple: I’m not the only one hurting.  There are plenty of us.

You start to figure out that there is a big problem when you contact people, hoping to get some freelance work or a networking contact out of them, and they tell you that they too have been laid off.

I’m not going to get all political here, but I think most of us will agree that the blame belongs a lot of places: federal, state and city administrations, mortgage companies that ran wild in the earlier part of the decade, and just as importantly, all of us consumers.

Consumers are the ones who spent way beyond their means, buying McMansions and cars and stuff they couldn’t afford.  And the lenders said, hey, you got credit of any kind, we’ll work with you.  (Having heard first-hand from Shannon what the insanely unethical mortgage lenders were doing–and she refused to do when she worked with them–made me sick.)

I think a lot of us keep hoping that someone or something will bail us out of this situation.  Many people probably believe that the next leader of this country will “make it all right” somehow.  Or that Gen Y (or Tweeners or one of those mini-generations after us X-ers) will spark their version of the dot-com boom.

Frankly, everybody just needs to go on a budget.  Yikes, does this mean I’m a fiscal conservative?

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