Boxing: De la Hoya/Forbes

Last night, “The Golden Boy” Oscar de la Hoya took on Steve Forbes, best known to casual fans as a participant on “The Contender.”

Although Oscar won pretty easily, this was an interesting fight for several reasons:

1) It was the first of Oscar’s final three planned bouts.  He’s 35 or so, and although many think he could have/should have retired a couple years ago, he’s maximizing his opportunities to earn money like the brilliant businessman he is.

2) Forbes was a “tuneup” for a likely rematch with Floyd Mayweather, Jr., and brought a similar style and size so Oscar could practice his strategy for that fight.

3) This match was held in California, not far from Oscar’s East L.A. roots.  It was broadcast on HBO (and not pay-per-view), AND Oscar made sure there were plenty of affordable seats (by boxing standards) so his Mexican fans could be in attendance.

I’ve got to say, Oscar is a smart, smart dude.  He wants to be a billionaire, and with the way he’s running things in his boxing career and his management/promotions career, there’s no stopping him.

Although I’m not sure he can beat Mayweather.

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