Shocking upsets: A big reason I watch boxing.

Not because “I’m a bad man” and would love to punch somebody in the face. (I’m a lover, not a fighter.)

Tonight, I was flipping through the channels and saw that there was a fight on Showtime. Figured I’d check it out, as Saturday evening usually has the worst programming of any night of the week.

The main event (it was actually a co-feature, although the second fight was the less interesting one) was a match for the WBC super lightweight championship, held by 34-year-old Junior Witter of England. His opponent was an 24-year-old American named Tim Bradley, who really didn’t deserve a title shot based on his resume.

So what happened in the fight, which aired from Nottingham, England? It wasn’t a crushing knockout or dominating performance, but Bradley left U.S. soil a contender and will return a champion.

Witter seemed content to be on the defensive almost the whole time, barely throwing 10 punches a round. Bradley danced with him for the first five/six rounds, but seemed to have more energy and bounce in his step.

In the second half of the fight, Bradley got a very surprising knockdown on a big ol’ overhead right hand, which gave him momentum that carried him in dominating the rest of the fight.

And just when you thought boxing’s sometimes biased/corrupt?/ridiculous judging was going to ruin it (one apparently blind judge scored it 115-113 in favor of Witter), the other two got it right and Bradley won the belt.

Honestly, Bradley doesn’t appear to be an incredibly skilled fighter based on the sloppy fight that both of these guys put on, but he’s a world champion. Nice story, seems like a good guy.

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