Another stupid pro athlete

I’m a pretty big sports fan, but there are just so many jerks playing them it gets difficult sometimes.

Houston Astros pitcher Shawn Chacon is just the latest to reveal himself as a world-class idiot.

Allegedly, he was asked by Astros general manager (and former Phillies general manager) Ed Wade to meet with him and manager Cecil Cooper while Chacon was eating in the team cafeteria.

Chacon, already mad that he had his role changed from starting pitcher to bullpen reliever, supposedly got into a shouting match with Wade. It ended with Chacon grabbing Wade and shoving him to the ground.

There is obviously no place in any professional setting for this kind of behavior.

What makes it especially egregious is that Chacon frankly has no business getting angry at his role change.

You can see his statistics here:

Simply put, Shawn Chacon is a lousy pitcher. He’s living off of a few good months with the Yankees in 2005.

If you didn’t bother clicking, here are some basic facts that demonstrate his horrendousness:

Career record: 45 wins, 61 losses.

619 strikeouts and 475 walks. (This is an awful ratio.)

Career ERA of 4.99, which is terrible for someone who pitched most of his career in the National League (which scores fewer runs than the American League).

I doubt Chacon will pitch again this year, and I truly hope that his actions result in his never playing professional sports again.

Oh, if you’re not mad or don’t get why this makes me mad, here are Chacon’s approximate earnings from 2002 – 2007…


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