OK, so we had pizza tonight. We don’t get it often, but as I was sitting there waiting for our takeout order, I noted the ridiculousness of the menu options and pondered our country’s obesity problem.

Do you think that a part of it could be this possible meal:

Appetizer: Breadsticks or “cheesy bread”

Entree: Pizza (possibly with a cheese-stuffed crust)

Dessert: Brownies or some other doughy chocolate treat

You can get this meal (or a variation) at any of our finer quick-delivery pizza joints.

And I’m guessing you see the connection between each course:


“Yes, I’ll start with the bread appetizer. For my main course, bread with all the usual toppings. And for dessert, please begin baking five additional loaves of my favorite…BREAD.”

Am I a victim of this breadphilia? Absolutely. I love cookies and cake and pies and breads and muffins. Sure, I try to have wheat bread when I can. (Not a big fan of the whole grains if they have those nutty chunks in them.)

There’s no way to wrap this up with my mossy brain right now. Well, maybe one word:


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