The greatest new show on MTV

Anybody who loves pop culture like I do knows about “My Super Sweet 16” on MTV. It’s the show where they show the most unbelievably spoiled kids in the history of the world, spending thousands and thousands of their parents’ dollars on an unnecessary (and undeserved) party that usually culminates in them getting a $50,000 automobile with a red bow on it.

But now, in their infinite wisdom, MTV is introducing “Exiled.” They’re taking some of their former Sweet 16ers (with their parents’ permission) and sending them to places like India and Morocco and Thailand to live in poor communities – ostensibly to teach them things that their parents never did. You know, like how to think about somebody other than themselves or collect camel dung.

I guess watching these incredibly spoiled brats learn hard “life lessons” is pretty awesome, although it’s hard to blame them completely. These parents have done a horrible, horrible job in raising these kids. In the interviews, they keep saying that they’ve “sheltered” their kids and were too “overprotective.”

Hey idiots, what you did wrong was never say “no” to your brats.

So tune in to Exiled with me and let’s watch spoiled kids get tortured.

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