Unpaid Endorsement: IKEA

Yeah, I’m like ten years late on the IKEA bandwagon, I know. And this isn’t even my first purchase with everyone’s favorite Swedish make-it-yourself furniture folks.

But this weekend, my bride and I purchased three items that come highly recommended – for both building ease and functionality.

FINAL – No, not the last thing. This was the name of the two-headed stand-up lamp that now stands in the corner of our living room. Much cooler-looking and easier on the eyes than the ceiling fan lights.

LERBERG – Kind of a metal/mesh TV stand, now in our second bedroom/office. Perfect size – not too big, and has a bottom “shelf” for the cable box.

And the crown jewel, the POANG (there’s an umlaut over one of the vowels, can’t remember which) – a slightly springy (but not quite a rocker) chair with comfy cotton upholstery, which is removable and washable. (Excellent for cat people.)

I was able to assemble each of these pieces in less than a half-hour, using only amazing Allen wrench technology. And I must say, I’m kind of proud of myself – it’s as close to actual carpentry as I’ll probably ever get.

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