He is most decidedly NOT a belly-itcher.

On August 19, 2006 (thank you very much, Baseball-Reference.com), the Philadelphia Phillies sent two young minor-league players to the Seattle Mariners in exchange for veteran left-hander Jamie Moyer.

Since that day, Mr. Moyer has compiled a stellar record of 34 wins and 21 losses for the Phillies; the two young men have yet to appear in the major leagues. Whither art thou, Andrew Barb and Andy Baldwin?

I say all that to say this: Jamie Moyer is The Freaking Man.

He turns 46 on November 18. I repeat, 46. And he competes with the best baseball players on the planet. And he schools them.

He’s the oldest player in the game, and while he may or may not be a Hall of Famer, he’s an accomplished pitcher who’s been doing it for a really really long time (and doing it well).

Twenty-two years in the majors. Chicago, Texas, St. Louis, Baltimore, Boston, Seattle and now Philly.

Why this tribute? Not because he’s a fellow Pennsylvanian, or because he paid me to write this. (Not that I’d turn down a small donation.)

Because I think he’s a crucial component to the Phillies’ success – both recent past and present – and I admire the heck out of this man.

He’s never been to the World Series, but I hope he gets there with the Phillies this year.

If not, hey, there’s always next year – even for a 47-year-old lefty.

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