Why I Love Texas: Reason #3

Plano, TX
Date Forecast Hi Lo POP
Tue Sep 30 icon Sunny 85°F 55°F 10%
Wed Oct 01 icon Sunny 86°F 58°F 10%
Thu Oct 02 icon Sunny 86°F 60°F 0%
Fri Oct 03 icon Mostly Sunny 84°F 65°F 10%
Sat Oct 04 icon Sunny 88°F 64°F 10%
Sun Oct 05 icon Sunny 86°F 64°F 10%
Mon Oct 06 icon Mostly Cloudy 83°F 62°F 20%


  1. Tuesday, Gay
    Wednesday, Gay
    Thursday, Gay
    Friday, Gay
    Saturday, Gay
    Sunday, Gay
    Monday, Gay

    There is nothing normal about 88 degrees in late September.

    G-d invented seasons for a reason, yo!


  2. I will accept no weather-related comments from someone born and raised in the hellish cold of Wis-cahn-sin.

    You can have your seasons, and the accompanying allergies, cold viruses, snow, ice and slush.

    I prefer to live a down-coat-less existence, thank you very much.


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