Random Ramblin’s: Goodbye, Earth?

When Stephen Hawking says we ought to start thinking about getting off of Planet Earth, it might be time to listen.

Check it out here: Cosmos

I realized a little while ago that the only, single, solitary place that a person can write and be “published” without censorship is a blog. OK, maybe if you self-publish a book, you can count that too.

This morning at work, I went into the bathroom and to put it mildly, it reeked. I was washing my hands when another guy walked in, apparently took a whiff, turned and left. So I’m thinking, do I chase after him, yelling “That wasn’t me!” or just let it go? I let it go. We’re only in this office until the spring anyway.

Facebook is nuts. I’m re-friending all kinds of people from elementary school all the way up through college and previous jobs. It’s really cool to see what people are up to.

I do fear the Phillies/Dodgers series, but I’m hoping that the Phillies’ pitching will step up – and the big bats (Utley and Howard) come alive.

It rained on the DFW Metroplex today. First time in like 2.5 weeks. Rest of the week’s forecast is like 81 and sunny every day. Simply awesome. It’s really nice to be in a climate in which you truly feel at home.

So it’s going to cost each of us personally $2,300 to bail out Wall Street. Is that going to come off the top of my income taxes or what?

I’m not going to get all political here, but I’m disappointed in the tactics being used in the electoral campaigns. I had hoped, given the two candidates in the running, that we might have had an actual, rational discourse on the issues instead of attack ads and snarky comments.

I wonder if fast-food employees ever feel bad when they have to ask if a morbidly obese person wants to enlarge/super-size their order, and they say yes. I suppose they have to look at it as a personal choice that that person is making.

I take a total of 9 pills a day, consisting of both medications and vitamins. Sadly, none of them endow me with superpowers.

Speaking of…Heroes is on tonight. And there’s the usual round of people saying “oh, it sucks” and “it’s not as good as it used to be” or my personal favorite: “season one rocked, season two sucked and this one is just blah so far.” I kind of agree, but I’m just an easier person to please I guess. I think that most things that are “cool” at one point are inevitably overanalyzed and then found to be “uncool.” Yeah, there are storylines that each of us might not like, but at least there are several other intriguing ones at the same time.


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