Subjective Analysis – Follow-Up Comparison to SI

No sooner do I finish my blog comparing the Phillies and Rays in the World Series than I find a Sports Illustrated article doing the same thing:

Read the article here.

If you don’t want to click back and forth, here’s how we measure up:

–They say it’s a tie between Howard and Pena at 1B. I said Howard wins.

–We agree on C, 2B, SS, 3B, LF and RF. And the bench. And the starting pitching and the bullpen.

–Oddly, they give the edge in LF to Burrell and the Phils. They think Crawford has really tanked.

–They give the managerial edge to Maddon and the Rays, where I said it was a tie.

–And the “intangibles” category (which I didn’t do) was given to the Rays. I guess I might have to agree, although this Phillies team isn’t too shabby in the whole “ya gotta believe” thing.

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