Daddy Diary: April 24, 2009

–An unbelievable day.
–Got up early – just can’t sleep. (Like now.)
–Morning reports:
Norah = weaning settings, down to 73% – 78% range on oxygen assistance; she had a good night, feisty. 😉
Alexandra = some nasal irritation from oxygen tube, stuffy from tube, getting drops to help; off IV fluids today and on to “full feeds”

–Met parents for lunch – Mexican at Abuelo’s. Good stuff.
Check a future blog for the story of my tumultuous relationship with guacamole.

–Went for quick visit to Norah, where she’s down to 65% oxygen assistance. This is seriously good progress.

–Dropped off ‘rents, went to house settlement/closing. Signed papers, smiled, left. House is ours. YAY!

–Went over to see Alexandra, as they put a space bubble around her head to keep the humidity in and moisten her irritated nose. She was sleeping, so we didn’t stay long.

–Ran up to new house to pick up a few things our well-meaning but overzealous moms packed away (but we needed immediately) and then zipped back to Plano.

–Dinner at Macaroni Grill to celebrate Da Girls’ improvements, new house and Mom-in-Law’s birthday. Good times.

–Round two of hospital visits:
Norah = sleeping peacefully, down to 60% oxygen assistance!
Alexandra = still in the bubble, but got one of the umbilical tubes out. Also great progress!

–Back home, watched Hell’s Kitchen on DVR. Our DVR is 65% full, but will go back to cable company Monday. Oh well, we can watch a lot of stuff on the Interweb. (As if we’ll ever have time for TV again.)

–Trying to chill out on my computer, blogging. Shannon took a sleeping pill, and then I called for the night’s last UPDATES:
Norah = blood gases good, down to 52% assistance!!!
Alexandra = gained the pound she lost back (up to 4 lbs. 4 oz.) and her nose is getting better.

–Must try to sleep. Bye.

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