Daddy Diary: April 28, 2009

Back to work today. Weird leaving from a new house, but ended up arriving just about my usual time. Called for updates on the girls when I hit the highway – both doing well.

Norah’s being weaned off her pain meds, as well as her IV fluids – as they switch her to actual feedings. Alexandra was also good and stable – up to 2 bottle feedings a day.

First it’s breathe. Then eat. Then home. Hopefully, in 4-14 days.

After a full day of work (and the usual ridiculous client crises), I drove home to get Shannon. We headed to see Alexandra for her 8PM feeding, which Shannon did all by herself. There’s nothing like seeing your wife feed your child.

[JOKEY SIDEBAR: A few days back, the nurses told us that Alexandra was being feisty when they tried to feed her. The next day, they said she didn’t like her sponge bath much either. I mused that maybe she’ll be a supermodel.]

After Alexandra’s feeding, we went over to see Norah. She cried a few times, but never for that long and not at all loud. It’s just great to hear her making noise after seeing her so still (except for the ventilator puffing her chest) for what seemed like an eternity.

Picked up Shannon’s beloved cats from our old place to get them into our new garage. Please do not engage me on this subject. (Ha.)

Up for tomorrow (on the personal front): Remicade treatment and possibly a trim of my beard. (If you didn’t know, I’ve been doing the “hockey playoff beard” thing until both of my girls got off their ventilator. Now I’m going to keep it (trimmed) until they’re both home.


  1. Not quite Peter-like…but not wimpy wispy either. Pretty much like your run-of-the-mill Canadiens defenseman in the divisional playoffs.


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