Daddy Diary: April 30, 2009

Up for work, and on the way there, I got the:
Norah = doing fine, still spitting up often; one of our favorite doctors was in, and they wanted to try continuous feeding (I did that, and gained 30 lbs.). Had a good night last night, though.
Alexandra = doing great, took 25 ounces at the 8AM feeding through the bottle; trying to increase to 40ml per “meal”

Work was busy, new cubicles put in on the other side of our office. Ours are on the way.

Left work at 6, grabbed a very healthy Wendy’s grilled chicken sandwich for dinner on the road. Met Shannon at Norah’s NICU, so here’s the:
7PM Norah Update = Completely zonked out sleeping, so we didn’t bother her. Hung around for a bit, then headed to:
8PM Alexandra Update = She was being fed via tube, so no bottle try tonight. I held her for much of the feeding, and after it was done, she started to cry a bit. Somehow, my paternal instincts knew that she had a dirty diaper – and lo and behold, when we opened it up, POOP! We changed her, and that calmed her down a bit.

Until, that is, when she spit up a little. As I held her up so Shannon could wipe her little mouth, she let loose with projectile vomit that would make an Arizona State sophomore proud.

We got no help cleaning her up, as most of the nursing staff was caring for a new NICU baby that needed a ventilator. Seeing that bothered us, since we knew what that felt like.

After cleaning her off and dressing her in a fresh outfit, I sang a medley to her: The Alphabet Song, Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, Where The Streets Have No Name, The Luckiest, Yesterday, Sesame Street, Cheers and a couple others. (I do take requests, but she just laid there and stared up at me with those gorgeous eyes.)

One more workday, then weekend hours where we can visit more. YAY!

[COMMERCIAL SIDEBAR: Somebody must buy me Giant Cheetos. Quickly.]

One Comment

  1. Continuous feeding: Sounds like what you see at a Sizzler’s all you can eat buffet. Regardless, wishing her continued munching, less prjectile vomiting, though with a baby that’s wishful thinking at best and as for requests… Wishlist by Pearl Jam, On the horizon by Jack Johnson, and you are the best thing by Ray Lamontagne


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