Daddy Diary: May 11, 2009

Worked from home today so we could take the girls – in, naturally, crazyhorrible rain – to the pediatrician for Visit #1.

Went fine – the doc is really nice, and we got some nice “oohs” and “aahs” when walking around with not one but two carriers.

It’s quite a workout, lugging the two carriers. And the kids only weigh about 5 lbs. each, so my trapeziuseseses will be tremendous within months.

Back next week for a weigh-in, set up a few other appointments, but all looks good for our girls.

Drove home and cranked out work the rest of the day – in between changing/feeding/burping times.

That’s pretty much the process:
1. They cry. (Actually, usually just one at a time. My girls are good like that.)
2. Check diaper. If wet or poopy, change. If not, leave alone.
3. Warm bottle, try to keep baby calm until it’s ready.
4. Feeding. Chug chug chug burp. Repeat.
5. Some more burping, to try and avoid spitups. (They’re getting better – but now that I typed that, I’ll jinx it and get spit up on six straight times.)
6. Back to bed. Sometimes crying, sometimes for a half-hour or so. Starting to notice the different types of crying.

Back to work at the office tomorrow. Will be tough leaving the girls. Of course, it might be tough getting through tonight’s change/feed/burps. But Li’l Momma (that’s what I’m calling my beautiful wife now, when she allows it) says she’ll take over tonight and let me sleep.

We’ll see…;)

One Comment

  1. I can’t begin to imagine when I get to that point with my fiancée. I’m sure it’s a ways away and I’m also sure it’ll happen in a blink of the eye… well actually the cause of pregnancy I hope takes a little longer, but you know what I mean. As for the babies crying. When I’ve taken care of my nephew I have to pull out all the tricks I’ve ever heard of or read about and these three seem to work best.

    1. Strumming a guitar. He’s bigger now and seems to be looking to be a little rock god in the making or at least one excellent candidate for mosh pits.

    2. Dancing and singing.

    3. Turning on the fawcet and letting the baby hear the noise.

    True I’m by no means a dad yet and it’s easy to opine when I have mini stints, but those do work and who knows, might just help ease things up a bit.


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