Daddy Diary: MegaBigUpdate May 1-5, 2009

My bloggery is suffering as my daddery and workery are more all-consuming. Sorry, folks.

9AM Updates:
Norah = doing well; continuous feeds; looks great.
Alexandra = up to 4 lbs. 8 oz.; “nippling” (I love that word – it means drinking from the bottle) pretty regularly; no spitup overnight

Work update: Tough day. A couple layoffs thanks to declining revenues. But big light at the end of the tunnel, according to bosses. In 10 days, I’ll have a person reporting to me for the first time. Psyched about that, at least.

Texan Driving Tip #43: Never ever EVER take Main Street/423 through The Colony and Little Elm during rush hour, in either direction.

Alex visit update: I got to feed her! Yet another of the most incredible experiences ever.

Went to a new IHOP near us tonight for a late dinner. Clearly just opened – boiling hot in the main room, nice and cool in the back room where they seated us. Our server never showed up, so a very sweaty and nervous (but courteous) server whose section we were not sitting in took care of us.

12:25 AM (Phone) updates:
Norah = doing well, sleeping; went right back to sleep after diaper/temperature check. After all she’s been through, lots of sleep is perfect.
Alexandra = doing fine; had her full 40ml bottle at 11PM with no spitups.

Saturday, 5/2

9:17 AM Updates:
Norah = sleeping; doing well, having PIC line removed today – no more IV fluids! Down a bit weight-wise, 4 lbs., 6.1 oz., but likes continuous feeding; and we can hold her next time!
Alexandra = really good; nippled at 8AM. took 30/40; sticking out her tongue a lot; awake, just lies there looking around peacefully

3PM Updates:
Norah = no more lines! no more pulse oxygen monitor!
Alexandra = doing fine; little spitups; nippled at 2AM

4PM Norah visit = I got to hold her for the first time (although with gown and gloves, since I had a MRSA infection like seven years ago). Shannon changed her wet diaper.

5PM Alex visit = all is well.

Dinner at Palio’s Pizza Cafe near the hospital – good. POURING rain outside.

8PM Alex visit = I did her feeding, she took 47/50 ml. Awesome.

Midnight updates:
Norah = doing well; changed her diaper; sleeping peacefully.
Alexandra = sound asleep.

Sunday, 5/3

11AM Alexandra phone update = finished whole bottle at 8AM; starting vitamins; more interested and vigorous

12PM Norah visit = got to hold her again; she took 20ml, and is now nippling every 12 hours

1PM Alex visit = fed her; up to 4 lbs. 9 oz.; changed her diaper!; mid-feed, another poop!; hiccups started after feeding, possibly the cutest sound ever

8:00 PM Alex visit = I fed her; she burped and had a medium spitup; need to get her to 8 bottles a day for two straight days before she comes home; at 3 now, maybe 4 tomorrow

8:45 PM Norah update = doing great, sleeping like an angel

11:48 PM Norah update = doing well; 15-20 minute bottle feeds.

Monday, 5/4

Had to work today, all updates were solid and uneventful.
Visited Alex for her 8PM feeding, but not Norah – since she’s sleeping most of the day except for her two bottle feeds (noon and midnight). Felt incredibly guilty.

Tuesday, 5/5

All was well for the morning updates.

3:50 PM Updates:
Norah = up to 3 or 4 bottles “if she wants”; stopped continuous feeding for a couple hours before bottle feeds; very good day!
Alexandra = doing good; took entire bottles at 11AM and 2PM; up to 4 or 5 a day, no spitups!

Evening visit updates:
Alexandra = did her feeding, but she was fussy; changed her diaper, then re-started feeding; stopped again, thought she pooped again, went to check; AMAZING poop – all over the entire diaper area; changed, then finished most of the bottle; rest of the visit, she was nice, quiet, checking us out.
Norah = she was awake when we got there! watched some of her feeding (not bottle, this feeding) and Shannon held her for a while.

Can’t figure out who they look like, it changes from day to day. This person’s eyes, this person’s nose, etc. From now on, I just want to let them look and act like themselves and not compare them to other people.

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