Double Daddy Diary: April 26 & 27, 2009

Sunday, 4/26
–Moving day. Movers on time, cranked it out in three hours (7AM to 10AM). Of course, we had tons of help from parents – rented U-Haul got tons of stuff over to new house on Thursday.

–6:45 a.m. UPDATES:
Norah = doing really well, they let her rest last night
Alexandra = also doing well, no changes
Stable = good.

In-laws took my parents to the airport. I’m sure they didn’t want to go back yet – especially with such progress being made. (And the girls being so completely gorgeous and all.)

–12:04 p.m. UPDATES:
Norah = doing well, TAKEN OFF NITRIC OXIDE!!! HUGE step. Lower settings on ventilator, increasing feedings. Breathe, eat, home. Breathe, eat, home. (Our new mantra.)
Alexandra = Doing fine, no more space bubble over her head for humidity; feisty when eating, switching between tube and bottle. The other day, she didn’t like her bath. Now she’s not loving eating. Smelly + no food = future supermodel?

–3:45 p.m. UPDATES:
Alexandra = good visit, no news to report;
Norah = Dr. called to say that she’s down to 35% oxygen assistance, doing “rock solid,” and that if we were there to see Norah late tomorrow morning we might have a surprise…she might be OFF THE VENTILATOR! (We cried.)
Great guy, that doc. Even if he’s a Mets fan from Jersey.

–8:22 p.m. UPDATES:
Norah = no news, just keeping fingers crossed for tomorrow.
Alexandra = eating through a tube at this time, but made “all gone” with two bottles today; trying for three tomorrow; switched from NICU-type bed (not incubator) to “big girl” bed.

First night in new house. Feels weird, and will get a whole lot weirder when we’re able to bring the girls home.

Tried to hook up the Internet, giant fiasco. Will blog about it separately – don’t want to taint this great day and blog entry with negativity.

Looking forward to tomorrow!
Monday, 4/27

Oy, such crap with the Internet. Unable to work from home or do anything online. (Again, check separate blog.)

But the big story on Action News…

9:00 a.m. UPDATES:
Norah = EXTUBATED!!! (No more ventilator, for your non-doctor-y types.) Breathing on her own, just with a little help from a nasal cannula. (One of those tubes that sticks into your nose a little bit.) They took out her arterial line last night, just one IV and that’s pretty much it! This is what we’ve been waiting for, folks. On to the eating!
Alexandra = also doing great, set for three bottles today (after an 8AM tube feeding). Up to 36cc of formula, and Shannon will get to do the 2PM feeding!

1:00 p.m. UPDATES:
Norah = went to visit her, took picture of her area without all that equipment. Looks wonderful. Shannon got to hold her up a little, and she’s so much more awake and moving around. Coming off the painkillers slowly.
Alexandra = saw her at 2PM, Shannon tried feeding her a bottle but she didn’t take to it much at this time. Mangia, girl, mangia!

Went to cable company to return equipment. Surprisingly short wait and cheerful customer service rep.

Back home for dinner, then back for a double visit to the girls…

8 p.m. UPDATES:
Norah = Shannon got to hold her a while, so awesome. Me, not going to “chance it” since I had a MRSA infection years ago. If I do want to hold her while she’s in the NICU, gotta gown and glove up. Not sure I want my daughter’s first memories to be of Daddy with rough blue papery skin and sticky smelly plastic fingers.

Alexandra = Got to her around 10PM so Shannon could hold her too. She makes all these great funny faces. Smiling one second, pre-crying tension the next, and this little Elvis-like lip sneer that gets me every time.

Both girls resting and sleeping a lot, which is good since they’ve been through so much so far.

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  1. Wishing the duo continued appetite and rock solidness. It’s good to read real people having triumphs that might seem babysteps in the cosmic balance but that are galactic in the context of what truly matters.



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