Norah’s Big Day

Normally, I strive to give my girls equal time. But today was especially big for Norah, and here’s why.

Norah's "diploma"

After about eight weeks, Norah no longer needs her “Doc-Band.” That’s one of those hockey-helmet-looking things that you sometimes see infants/toddlers wearing.

Basically, it’s a corrective device used to round out a child’s head as it develops. Norah’s head was a bit “off” after being in the same position for so long during her NICU stay, and because she was on her back for long periods of time.

But after a couple months of 23-hour wear, her stinky helmet is no more. (Can’t wash it, just wipe it down with rubbing alcohol each night.) Her head isn’t “Charlie Brown round,” but it’s looking great.

Will post new pics of the girls soon, so you can see both of our little angels.


Quickie Twins Update (with photos!)

Saturday, 11/7 – Alex & Norah start on “solid” food – applesauce and rice cereal were a big hit!

Saturday, 11/14 – Norah holds her own bottle.

Tuesday, 11/17 – Norah hits button on “Glow Worm” doll and activates music.

Norah holdin' her own (bottle, that is).

Alexandra in bloom