Twins Update: Memorial Day (5/31/10)

Today was their first swim in Bubbie Marlene & PopPop’s new pool (or any pool, for that matter). First 5-10 minutes were pretty tear-filled, but they eventually started to dig it and stayed in the water for almost an hour. Very cool little inflatable floats with little movable “roofs” to protect against the sun. Their first attempts at kicking and splashing were stellar.

Skillz Updates:

Alex appears to be left-handed. Not 100% sure. And there was a double Alex Learning for Daddy the other day. Her favorite color may be yellow, since that’s the only kind of ball (from the girls’ big Chuck E. Cheese-style “ball pit” — thanks Uncle Shawn, Uncle Jonathan and Aunt Steph) that she wouldn’t reject Hakeem Olajuwon-style. AND, she can throw. Not just shake her arm and drop the ball. I’m talking very close to a full-on windup and throw. (SWEAR: I have NOT pushed this and NOT made her watch hours of baseball, nor have I attempted to teach this in any way. She’s just a natural.)

Norah is not just sitting up and standing on her own (while holding on to something). She is now testing the proverbial waters and occasionally letting go of the gate or crib side and doing some Olympic-level standing on her own. Holy crap, y’all. She’s like weeks from walking. Until then, she is pretty much the fastest crawler I have ever seen. (And I attended the 1997 Crawling Championships, coincidentally located in Harleysville, PA.)

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