Unemployment Claim, Part 1

Filed a request for payment with the Texas Workforce Commission on Tuesday.

Got a call on Wednesday — of course, the one call I missed all day — from someone possibly named Virginia (she spoke very quickly) “requesting more information.” Guess filling out an online form in its entirety isn’t enough.

Tried calling back several times Wednesday and left messages. On her voicemail, the lady states that she “will get back to [callers] within 24 hours if possible.” (I’m doing my best not to laugh at that.)

Tried calling today several times and left messages.

Decided to go through the 1-800 number this morning, sat on hold for 15 minutes then hung up.

Tried again just now, waited 17 minutes and finally got Yolanda. Yolanda took all my information, then told me to wait for a call back from the 1st person, and if I didn’t hear from her to just leave another message.

To be continued…

One Comment

  1. I am right with you, man. I received unemployment for a year. I could file online each period and get the money deposited to my super special unemployment debit card, but they still sent me buckets of paper mail to communicate even the smallest thing. Then I’d have to call and hope someone answered. To be fair, the people I spoke with were usually very nice.


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