If It’s Rarely “Sunny” in Philadelphia (In My Opinion), Why Do I Love “It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia?”

I was born and raised in Philadelphia. “The Great Northeast,” actually…which is not “Center City” or even all that close to downtown. But our mailing address was Philly, so we were official.

And I didn’t realize until we moved to Texas in 2006 how I basically never really dug where I was from. Yes, I’m still a Philly sports fan — despite the negative connotations. And I love me some Tastykakes and soft pretzels. (Thankfully, Rita’s Water Ice has made it to Texas.)

I don’t know if it’s my love for the open spaces, warmer climate, better cost of living and Southern hospitality (yes, it exists) of the Lone Star State or my distaste for the crowded streets and frozen slushy winters of the Illadelph. Whatever the case, I’m happy where we are now.

So why do I love “It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia?” Possible reasons:

a) It’s funny.

b) I’ve described it as “Seinfeld with Philly jerks who own a dive bar.” And I love Seinfeld.

c) Danny DeVito’s finest and most absurd work.

d) Occasional shots and mentions of Philly places that are somewhat nostalgic/sentimental.

Did I know people like Mac, Dennis, Charlie, Sweet Dee and Frank? Not really.

Did I hang in dive bars? Rarely.

Bottom line: It’s a funny show, and it’s a weird love/hate letter to my hometown.

Oh well, too much unnecessary examination. Just know that I recommend the show. It’s an acquired taste for some, given its mostly unlikable cast of characters.  But so was the world of Jerry, George, Elaine and Kramer.

Twins Update, 9/28/10

Amazing progress for our girls.

Norah = walking pretty much everywhere, mostly looking like little old drunk lady; crawling up stairs at a high rate of speed; little buds of teeth FINALLY poking out thanks to pretty much an entire lifetime of painful teething (poor girl!); some tantrum-throwing, but we think that’s related to the teething; grabs stuff from her sister but sometimes shares back; serves as my alarm clock, talking loudly between 8 and 8:30 every morning.

Alex = crawling up stairs all by herself, pulls herself up, starting to stand on her own…walking is next on the agenda; repeating certain words, loves counting along with Mommy (especially “two” and “FIVE!”); loves to read and constantly brings over books for us to read; seems to enjoy selecting from the two outfits I hold up each morning; early signs of “neat freak” — stops every fourth step while climbing to hand us carpet lint, won’t take next spoonful of food sometimes unless she hands me a bit of leftover Cheerio.

Seventeen-and-a-half months of awesomeness.

Road Trip, Part 2

To answer the obvious question: Yes, we made it home OK. About 6 weeks ago.

Bad blogger, bad!

Drive back was fine. Better than drive going east, since weather was nicer and fewer traffic problems. Our girls were easily the best behaved 1-year-olds EVER for the entire trip.

Actually stopped at same Comfort Suites in Nashville. Same friendly overnight manager. And we picked up the Mrs.’s cellphone charger (forgotten on the first trip).

Will try to be more faithful to the blog on our NEXT Road Trip, to take place in mid-November. New destination: Our ancestral neighborhood in Northeast Philly.