Twins Update, 10/3/10

Great weekend for our girls.

Saturday, Mommy had to work 7AM to noon. But when she got home, we got in gear and headed over to Frisco Commons. Which is simply one of the most gorgeous parks you’ll ever see. Great walking trails, awesome playground area, splashy water area for summertime, a nice little lake for you fisherpeople, and more.

At the playground, we put the girls in the swings for the first time — and they loved it. Even looked like they were getting the hang of it on their own, leaning into it to go further. Farther. Whatever.

After the park, we headed out to Firewheel. For those who don’t know, it’s a new and growing area near Garland and Murphy with a big new shopping center. (Locals: Think Southlake with less snobbery.) Got the girls new sneakers. Alex is a size 3, Norah is a size 3Wide. Strolled around the shopping center, considered doing the Build-A-Bear thing (I’d rather do that when the girls can pick and choose their own options).

Stopped for dinner at TGIFriday’s. Entered to a chorus of yelling at the Texas/OU game, which was ending (and not in a good way for the vast majority of UT fans at the bar). We tried putting the girls in booster seats instead of high-chairs, and they took to it just fine.

Although we tried having the girls use those “easier for kids” crayon things about a week ago, Norah grabbed her blue crayon (with her left hand) and went about drawing (mostly on the paper kids’ menu). She also showed a predilection for sirloin steak and sweet potato fries. (Daddy Note: I now LOVE me some sweet potato fries.)

Then the stroll back to the car, with a quick detour through the mini-carnival/fair they had going in the parking lot, as well as a run through one of those temporary Halloween stores. (Daddy Note: I’m not sure whose idea it was, but the “UPS Driver” costume for kids? Seriously?)

Older Lady: Hello, Trick-or-Treaters! Why, if you aren’t just the scariest witch? And it’s wonderful to see YOU, Spider-Man! Here, take a whole bunch of Three Musketeers!

Kid: What about me Mrs. Giffelheffin?

Older Lady: You’re a UPS Driver, kid. Here, have some pennies.

Anyway, Sunday was mostly stuff around the house and then headed over to Shannon’s parents’ house. Dropped off the girls and ran to the consignment shop, where we loaded up on warmer fall/winter outfits. One more stop at the supermarket (where I got my new Starbucks drink: venti iced mocha with soy), then dinner and home.

It’s likely that you didn’t find this as fascinating as Daddy and Mommy did, but it was a great weekend with awesome Texas weather. Oh, and I finished my fantasy baseball season as Champion. (First time in 17 years of playing. Future blog to come.)

Peace, grins, health and twins!