Today’s spam “job offer”


Kay Lott to shellymac35


Our company Private Company is pleased to offer you a well-paid part-time job.
Your personal information has been reviewed.

Requirements you should correspond to: Must be US citizen.
If you are interested, please reply.

Best regards


1.       I  am not “shellymac35.”

2.       Not much of a greeting. “Hello. I am a robot.”

3.       “Private Company” is kind of a lame name for your company.

4.       That sentence is missing a few commas, too.

5.       I’m a bit worried that you reviewed my personal information without my permission. Did you see the photos from my colonoscopy last year?

6.       I’m not sure how to correspond to requirements. “Dear Requirements: Hello?”

7.       Gotta say, I’m kinda interested.

8.       No sign-off? Kay, I think you should really include your name. Otherwise, this might look like spam.