#Buzzwords — Leveraging Synergy for a Decade

(NOTE: I wrote this 10 years ago. And it’s as relevant as ever.)


Becoming a Market-Maker and Maximizing Our Infrastructure

Excerpted from a speech given by Hugh Fuhmizims and Ralph “Buzz” Whirds

at Tech Today 2002—Tuscaloosa

Thinking “out of the box” is critical in order to ramp up and deliver a robust platform.  To bring to market this dynamic and visionary business model of the future, it is essential to establish bandwidth, capacity and scalability in a seamless manner.

We must think vertically and horizontally when constructing our networks.  We must be granular and comprehensive in our messaging, marketing and media management.  We must be proactive and take the initiative, but also take the time to analyze ongoing trends.

It is only by integrating these concepts that we can be empowered to create a premier global portfolio.  Truly, our interface must be interactive and diverse.  No amount of disintermediation or outsourcing can stand in our way.

Together, we will be enabled in our team-oriented agenda.  Onward to priority-changing social capital and success!

© 2002 by HDR Entertainment.

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