When Are My Comic Book Movies Coming?!?

Holy Grown-Up Kids, Batman!

There are a TON of comic book movies coming in the next few years, and my inner geek — who am I kidding, my geek is OUTER — is freaking out (in a good way).

Compiled these from the good people at ComicBook.com (specific links at the bottom of this post):


May 1: The Avengers: Age of Ultron
The “leaked” trailer was/is awesome. Need to go watch it 50 more times. Looks SO COOL.

July 17: Ant-Man
Blah blah blah nobody knows who this is. Marvel has cracked the code, kids. Quality actors with good storylines and cool effects will sell tickets. (See: Guardians of the Galaxy making $800 MILLION.)

Aug. 7: Fantastic Four
Reboot for the sake of reboot? Changes for the sake of changes? I want to think this will be cool, but I’m a bit skeptical. I’d like to be surprised though.


Feb 12: Deadpool
This is the super-character Ryan Reynolds was born to play. (NOT Green Lantern.) Just wondering if they’ll tone down this wise-cracking, 4th-wall-breaking, definitely Rated-R-and-above character. (Check out the test footage here.)

March 25: Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice
Geek Cred Redacted: I still haven’t seen Man of Steel. But it seems like DC is shoving almost all the Justice League characters in this alleged sequel in a rush to get their own big franchise movie out. Feels like a panic move. That being said, I’m pretty jazzed to see this take on the Batman and Wonder Woman characters.

May 6: Captain America 3: Civil War
Just watched the second one again and was wowed again. It will be hard to match those first two, but adding in the Civil War storyline kicks things up a notch.

May 27: X-Men: Apocalypse
Geek Cred Redacted, II: Still haven’t seen Days of Future Past, even though I heard great things. But if DOFP was as good as people say, and they get Tom Hardy to be Apocalypse, I will get in line for tickets.

July 8: Doctor Strange
My pal Patrick lobbied HARD, every day on FB and Twitter, to get Marvel to consider Matthew Modine for the role. But sadly for him, rumors are strong that Benedict Cumberbatch will get it. I think he’ll crush it and this will be f’n cool. (And I love the messed-up names people give him.)

Aug. 5: Suicide Squad
I’ve been so Marvel-centric, I barely remember who these guys are. I know that they’re on Arrow, something else I’ve missed and need to catch up on. Could be cool with the whole anti-hero thing.

Nov. 11: Sinister Six
Geek Cred Redacted, III: Haven’t seen The Amazing Spider-Man 1 or 2. And I’m not sure how a movie with 6 bad guys — who aren’t doing the anti-hero thing — and allegedly no real hero will work.


March 3: The Wolverine sequel
Geek Cred Redacted, IV: Didn’t see the first one, and the reviews were meh, so I can’t say I’m excited about this one. Although I do think Jackman is perfect as the character.

May 5: Guardians of the Galaxy 2
Saw it. Loved it. Will own it. And there’s plenty of, ahem, space to explore with this team.

June 23: Wonder Woman
Bring on the strong women! (Said the father of two girls.) Will be cool to see the modern version of WW, wondering if she’ll have a “secret identity” or they just go with the whole Amazonian princess thing.

July 14: Fantastic Four 2
Must have some high hopes for the reboot if they’re confidently planning a sequel.

July 28: Thor: Ragnarok
The end of everything? Guess it won’t quite be that, since there are other movies below this on the schedule. Unlike many geeks, I like the Thor movies. Maybe not as much as the others, but I’m a fan. Wonder if they bring in the female Thor in this one (or after)?

November 3: Black Panther
This one has me more excited than most. I think it’s a really cool character and story, and Chadwick Boseman looks perfect for the role. Heck, he’s done Jackie Robinson and James Brown. Psyched to see what he does with King T’Challa.

Nov. 17: Justice League
If done well, this could be one of the greatest things ever. Please don’t mess this up, DC.

??: Venom, Rumored Female-Led Spider-Verse Movie
Venom? Maybe the Flash Thompson-wanna-be-a-good-guy version. Silk or Spider-Woman? Could be cool.


March 23: The Flash
Easily the greatest superhero who can fit his whole costume inside a ring. But I don’t understand why they wouldn’t use the Flash from the TV show, which is getting great reviews and ratings. Feels like they’re trying to NOT be Marvel (using the “Agents of SHIELD” TV show in conjunction with the movies).

May 4: The Avengers: Infinity War, Part One
Joss Whedon, do your worst. (Or best. You know what I mean.) An alien with one shiny glove and unlimited power? Is that Thanos or Michael Jackson? #toosoon?

July 6: Captain Marvel
It is about. Damn. Time. A cool and powerful female superhero. Every blonde actress (or lady with another hair color who’s willing to go blonde) in Hollywood should have their agent on the case. I can see this being a great origin story, I just hope they don’t muck it up with a superhero dude. Let her kick some ass on her own.

July 13: Untitled Fox/Marvel Movie
Man, who owns what characters anymore? Oh, a helpful link. So this will be Fantastic Four, X-Men or some kind of spinoff.

July 27: Aquaman
He’s got a bad rap, the orange-shirted water-dweller. If they do a storyline like this animated feature, I can see it being good.

November 2: Inhumans
They’ll never be successful with a movie about a team of cosmic heroes. Just look at Guardians of…oh, wait. Actually, these folks have some cool powers, plus potential crossovers/connections with Agents of SHIELD, Guardians and even Avengers. (Quicksilver marries an Inhuman in the comics.)

?? – The Amazing Spider-Man 3
OK, already admitted I haven’t seen TASM 1 or 2. So I can’t say I’m psyched for a 3rd. I really should go watch these.


April 5: Shazam
Kinda glad that The Rock will be Black Adam. I think he’ll be great in that role. But I’m worried over who they will cast in the titular role…and also if they’ll stick to the “little boy says SHAZAM! and transforms into a big superhero” story.

May 3: The Avengers: Infinity War, Part Two
After this, I’m thinking Joss Whedon takes a long vacation. Because he will have expended much of his genius in wrapping up this saga and blowing my 46-year-old mind. #old

June 14: Justice League 2

April 3: Cyborg
Great potential with this origin story. Of course, we may all BE cyborgs in 2020, so it might be kind of blah.

June 19: Green Lantern
Wonder if DC will learn from its mistakes from the first time around. And if we’ll see another origin story here. And if anyone can top Mark Strong’s Sinestro.
As the kids say, “SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY!”