Daddy Diary: April 25, 2009

–Up for moving day, no calls by 10AM as expected. Told 1st moving truck died, diverted other truck, would be postponed from 12-2 PM slot to 2-4 PM slot, and to expect call around noon.

–9AM kiddie updates:

Norah = changed from high-frequency ventilator to conventional ventilator!!! Still on nitric oxide, but eating a little…”this is progress,” said our nurse

Alexandra = doing well, feeds fine, much more comfortable

–2PM kiddie updates:

Norah = really good; weaned from 20 to 10 on nitric oxide; 50% on oxygen; waking up a little, tolerating feedings, much more comfortable

Alexandra = resting, no problems, hoping to see eating for 2 days before the magic words: COMING HOME (hopefully within a week or so)

Because movers were now delayed until at least 5PM, actually went to see the girls around 3/4 PM. Both sleeping comfortably, didn’t want to bother them much.

Called movers around 5PM, before going to quickly browse Container Store. Said they’d check with team directly and get back to me in 5 minutes.

By 6PM, I had no call back and left three messages with them.

Just after 6, they called and said truck had been pulled over for random DOT inspection which takes a couple hours and they couldn’t call the office on their cell phone by law. Not sure I believe it.

Got upset with the guy, who said the whole thing was out of his control and that they’d be at the house by 9:30 or so. But that’s too late to move, especially to a smaller town. So we ended up postponing until Sunday morning, when the guy promised the truck and his three best guys would be waiting at 6:45 a.m.

Thus, we went to the new house and helped the parents, who were busy assembling and folding and putting away. (They have all been invaluably helpful, and we are eternally grateful.)

Ordered in pizza from Roma’s in Little Elm. Good stuff.

8:30 PM kiddie updates:

Norah = doing “fabulous,” PAL and PIC lines in successfully, just hanging out, no ventilator changes

Alexandra = doing “really well,” tolerating feeds, had a bath she didn’t like but now smelled clean 😉

More move stuff, put on new toilet seats (sis-in-law’s boyfriend did one, I did the other). Felt manly.

Called it quits around 10:30, drove parents back to their hotel.

Midnight kiddie updates:

Norah = just fine, letting her rest after a busy day

Alexandra = doing really well, drank 23 out of 33 cc bottle

Beat tired, and have to be up at 6AM to get ready for movers. Ugh.

Sleeping on couch at old house tonight. May have to brush teeth with Diet Pepsi.

Nope, water still on. 😉