About My Grandfather: A Life of Love

This was what I said at my grandfather’s funeral two weeks ago.  

We all have thousands and thousands of memories of Grandpop. Morey Greenbaum was a wonderful man who loved us all, and we all loved him for it.

He loved Grandmom Sylvia with all his heart — ever since their first dance in England. We all saw that same love for her every day for all of their time together. The way he called her “Ippel,” the way he’d protect her fiercely against crazy rude drivers when they rode their bikes, the way that  — for all his toughness — he would listen to Grandmom dutifully and do what she said…even if it meant skipping dessert.

Theirs is a love that we all wish for, and the kind I emulate every day. For all the ups and downs that life brings, it’s that kind of loving partnership that pulls you through the tough times. We use Grandmom and Grandpop’s relationship as an example for our own, because it makes life so much sweeter.

During the past year, as he dealt with so many health issues, he had the constant support of his children. That’s a testament to his love for them, that they would be so dedicated in helping care for him when he needed it.

And that’s the biggest lesson (of many lessons) that I learned from Grandpop — to always cherish your loved ones, and cherish every day you get to spend with them. Even a boring old soccer practice could turn into a learning experience over hot chocolate at McDonald’s — or just a happy memory to go along with so many others.

He continued his tradition of infinite love with his grandchildren, all of us spoiled by he and Grandmom. And I say “spoiled” not in a bad way — not just with toys and presents, but with their unconditional love and support, which gave us all wonderful moments and memories.

Over the past year, no matter his condition, whenever I got him on the phone he’d ask about “my ladies.” And he always took great joy in hearing their latest developments — as he did with all his grandchildren and great-grandchildren.

For Morey Greenbaum, life was about his family. Life was about love. And that — plus thousands and thousands of memories — is what I will carry with me always.