Daddy Diary: April 23, 2009

–Up, went to IKEA, our parents got us the pieces we needed for our bedroom – all “Malm,” of course. Already had a 3-drawer chest, got another one, two 6-drawer chests, and a couple 2-drawer night-tables.

–Went to see girls. Norah down to 70% oxygen assistance (from 90% yesterday). Oh, and WE GOT TO HOLD ALEXANDRA! Shannon – who SO deserved it (she hadn’t held either girl yet) – had the most unbelievable look on her face. And when it was my turn, I just plain melted. The cutest face (this side of her twin sister) since ever.

–Packed a bunch of house stuff in a U-Haul rented by dad-in-law. Including cat-infested items in garage. Did the big run to the new house, unpacked like crazy. New fridge had been delivered!

–Spent afternoon unpacking truck into new garage, then worked with my dad to put together the girls’ changing tower and hutch. Love using my 12-volt drill and always have.

–Changed (stinky), then went to see Norah. Stable = good. Back up to 80% oxygen, but all other things OK. Even feeding a very little bit! Went to celebrate at Denny’s (doesn’t everybody?). DIET NOTE: Still at about the weight I was when I was last on my diet, so doing well. Probably due to stress and increased activity.

–Another visit to Alexandra, but she was pretty wiped out. Did give me a good look with her open eyes, though.

–One more quick run to Norah, then home at like 1:00 a.m. SO wiped out.

Unpaid Endorsement: IKEA

Yeah, I’m like ten years late on the IKEA bandwagon, I know. And this isn’t even my first purchase with everyone’s favorite Swedish make-it-yourself furniture folks.

But this weekend, my bride and I purchased three items that come highly recommended – for both building ease and functionality.

FINAL – No, not the last thing. This was the name of the two-headed stand-up lamp that now stands in the corner of our living room. Much cooler-looking and easier on the eyes than the ceiling fan lights.

LERBERG – Kind of a metal/mesh TV stand, now in our second bedroom/office. Perfect size – not too big, and has a bottom “shelf” for the cable box.

And the crown jewel, the POANG (there’s an umlaut over one of the vowels, can’t remember which) – a slightly springy (but not quite a rocker) chair with comfy cotton upholstery, which is removable and washable. (Excellent for cat people.)

I was able to assemble each of these pieces in less than a half-hour, using only amazing Allen wrench technology. And I must say, I’m kind of proud of myself – it’s as close to actual carpentry as I’ll probably ever get.