Unpaid Endorsement: Dogpile.com

So many people use Google for online searches, it’s become a verb.

“I’ll go Google that up.”

“You really ought to Google it.”

“Google you, you Googling GoogleGoogler!”

Et cetera.

But for me, my go-to search engine is Dogpile.com.

Why?  Simple.  It utilizes your almighty Google, but it also checks Yahoo, MSN LiveSearch and Ask.com.

To me, that’s Google-Plus.

It has most of the same functionalities – Web search, Image search, News search, Yellow Pages, White Pages, blah blah.

And maybe it appeals to me that it’s kind of an unknown quantity, an underdog, a rebel.

Anyway, next time you’re about to search for something on the InterWebNetTubes, maybe you should consider “Dogpiling” it.  That sounds a bit more fun anyway.

Web sites I visit daily, and why

In chronological order:

1) dallasnews.com = (Dallas Morning News) Because I want to “Live Better Here,” I check out the local paper online every day.

2) mcall.com = (Allentown Morning Call) Lived in the area for several years,
still like to check in for the headlines and business doings.

3) philly.com = (Philadelphia Inquirer & Daily News) Actually, I don’t bother with the Inquirer. I go for the headlines and the Philly sports coverage, of which the DN offers the best around.

4) salon.com = (Salon) Great coverage and columns of important news, pop culture, etc.

5) slate.com = (Slate) See “Salon” above.

6) mlbtraderumors.com = (MLB Trade Rumors) Tim Dierkes and his staff do an incredible job of updating readers on all acquisitions and rumors in baseball.

7) rotoworld.com = (RotoWorld) A great site compiling all the latest news in sports.

8 ) espn.com = (ESPN) Maybe you’ve heard of it.

9) aintitcool.com = (Ain’t It Cool News) All things movie and TV, with tons of casting and production news and spoilers, and the ever-popular “talkbacks” where other pop culture freaks comment away.

10) superherohype.com = (Superhero Hype) If AICN (above) just focused on comic book and sci-fi movies and TV shows, it would look like this.

11) adssuck.blogspot.com = (Why Advertising Sucks) Blog updated near-daily by various contributors who work in the ad game. Topics range from clients, account service people and management to fun pop culture things, boxing and comedy.

12) willdo.philadelphiaweekly.com = (Philadelphia Will Do) This guy writes for Philadelphia Weekly, but his blog is always funny and snarky. Keeps me up-to-date on Philly as much as #3.

13) facebook.com = (Facebook) I have a profile here, but I don’t really do much on the site any more except connect with family/friends/colleagues who join up.

14) myspace.com = (MySpace) Same as Facebook. Used to post my blogs there, but this is way cooler and gets more hits.

15) linkedin.com = (LinkedIn) A really cool site for networking, especially in a business where it’s really important to have contacts. I’ve found people from college, past jobs and my current job – and collected nearly 200 connections. (You never know.)

16) cnn.com = (CNN) Probably should move this up in the lineup, since it’s kind of important.

17) benmaller.com = (Ben Maller, links to Fox Sports) More sports rumors and news, collected from all over the place.

Non-daily sites include The Onion, Cracked, College Humor, Funny or Die, Apple.com (for the movie trailers), Plaxo (a weird combination of MySpace/Facebook and LinkedIn), Baseball Reference and more.