I’m not going to win the writing contest.

My story is crap.  I just submitted it (it’s 3AM Central time), but I have zero confidence in anybody enjoying it.

To be honest, the “topic” was not all that fun or interesting.  Granted, we had carte blanche to turn it into something vastly different, and I kind of did that.  But I had no ending in sight, and tacked one on that I’m sure the judge(s) will dislike.

Maybe I’m being hard on myself.  It’s been a long time since I wrote “just” a short story.  Between my professional writing and blogging, I’ve already got two “other” types of writing going on in my slightly balding cranium.

Oh well, at least there are “door prizes.”  Maybe I’ll win a free “How to E-Publish” kit or something.

Off to bed.