Starbucks weirdness

Yesterday, I got my wife her favorite iced coffee drink (and one for myself), and it cost $7.20.

Today, the same order (although Shannon’s was hot–I forgot to ask for iced) cost $7.63.

Is it really a $0.43 difference from cold to hot?  Ice = -$0.43?  Boiling water costs $0.43 more?

Did the dude yesterday cut me a break?

We may never know.

On a related note, ordering there really is the chore that comedians describe.

Shannon’s drink is:

Decaf Venti Iced Caramel Macchiato with Soy.  (Plus, she adds sugar and/or Splenda on her own.)

I’m slightly easier (and therefore cheaper):

Venti Iced Coffee, five pumps of sweetener/syrup.


  1. Shannon made me tip the guy a few days ago, but I haven’t tipped since then.
    But now you have me thinking I kind of should, since these orders get complicated.
    But then again, it’s their job.

    I have never said baristas out loud.


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