Daddy Diary: April 22, 2009

–Picked up Dad at DFW.

–Hot weather, up to 89 degrees or so!

–Took Dad to Roasters deli. Huge portions.

–A couple errands (showed Dad what a clean Wal-Mart looks like).

–Visited Norah, then Alexandra.

–Then showed him our new house.

–Took Mom & Dad to check into hotel, 3 minutes down the road.

–Back to our place briefly, then Spring Creek BBQ with mom-in-law and sis-in-law.

–Saw shoeless toddler. Yecch.

–Back home quickly, then off to Double Dip for custard & treats.

–Back to Norah then Alexandra. Great news on both girls! Norah no more paralysis medication, waved to us and had her eyes open. Alexandra extubated = no more ventilator! Crying but raspy.

–Dropped Mom & Dad off at hotel.

–Back home, took care of cats, couldn’t stop doing stuff and get to sleep.

–Finally blogging now, going to get ready for bed.

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