First blog in ages (MySpace blog from 9.27.07)

Thursday, September 27, 2007

First blog in ages

More random thoughts, because you didn’t ask…

How do you know that you’re not a prodigy in something unique?  You could be the greatest oboe player in the world, but you’ve never tried.  Hopefully when they map the human genome, they’ll be able to tell if you’re genetically predisposed to woodwind excellence.

Advertising never gets portrayed accurately in TV or movies.  There’s a new show coming to TNT with the premise that an executive on the account service side gets promoted to creative director.  For non-ad people, that’s kind of like taking an engineer and putting him/her in charge of human resources.  OK, that analogy sucks, but you get the idea.

The Phillies won tonight, and the Mets lost, so they’re tied for 1st place in the division.  I’ve been wondering how the Phillies would crush my soul this year, and they’re going above and beyond to raise my spirits before dashing them on the rocks of another playoff-less October.  My new theory: they go to a special one-game elimination playoff and lose in the ninth on a bad hop ground ball.

I live in Collin County, which is “dry.”  This means you can’t buy liquor in the county.  However, beer and wine are plentiful in convenience stores, pharmacies and supermarkets.  So you can get drunk as heck on beer and/or wine, but vodka and whiskey are the Devil’s liquids.  I can’t wait the sixteen generations or so that it’ll take to get rid of the ridiculous Puritan streak that still runs deep in this country.

My favorite time of the week?  Friday night, 5PM to 11PM.  Work week behind you, whole weekend ahead of you.

It’s really weird how your taste can change.  I never liked coffee, never liked mustard.  I pretty much have a cup of coffee every weekday, and now I put mustard on sandwiches constantly.  How does that happen?  Was I just immature and unwilling to try new things?  Or is there some kind of physiological change that we go through as we age?

Between Dogpile and Wikipedia, I spend large chunks of time searching for and reading information.  The Web is freaking amazing.

And I’m spent.

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